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Peruvian Vodka received a gold medal in the “New York World of Wine & Spirits Competition”

No less than a month ago there was great news that filled all Peruvians with joy. In the New York World Wine & Spirits Competition Peru won the gold medal with the product called “Vodka 14 Inkas” and also silver for the Pisco Intipalka.

In its eight-year history, the New York World Wine and Spirits Contest (NYWSC) has established itself as one of the most respected judges’ events in the eastern United States.

This was designated on the main page of the event: https://www.nywscomp.com. There you can see all the winners of this year 2018 and also from the previous years in the different categories.

The entrepreneurial project “Vodka 14 Inkas” has been developed by the company Destilería Espíritu Andino with the co-financing and technical support of the Innóvate Peru Program of the Ministry of Production (PRODUCE).

Undoubtedly, this distinction was achieved thanks to arduous research and development work to take advantage of a great variety of native potatoes of our country and promote fair trade with the local producing communities.


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“We are very proud to have represented Peru in front of other recognized world-class brands, and to obtain an exceptional score awarded by the rigorous and demanding judges of this prestigious international contest”
(Innóvate Perú https://innovateperu.gob.pe).

All Peruvians are proud of these achievements that increasingly put the country at the top.

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