Peruvian themes will be present in the Carnival of São Paulo

En las grandes alas de pájaro, el vuelo de la Villa al imperio del Sol

The Carnival of Sao Paulo is one of the biggest festivals in the world and one of the most important carnivals in Brazil, along with that of Rio de Janeiro. In March 2019 the different samba schools will present various themes, which will be exhibited through their colorful costumes, dance, music, and impressive allegorical floats.

The samba school Unidos de Vila Maria will honor Peru in the important parade. It will have a theme centered on the culture and natural beauty of Peru with the name “In the great wings of a bird, the flight from the Villa to the Empire of the Sun.”

All this information has gone viral in social networks. People are eager to attend this carnival to appreciate what this samba school is preparing for them. The order of the parade that Vila Maria will have will be the sixth to enter the avenue this Saturday, March 2, 2019.

Also on its Facebook account, the famous public samba school has a banner that calls a lot of attention with the following phrase: “On the wings of the great bird, the flight of Villa Maria to the empire of the sun”. You can see a combination of images representative of Peru such as the citadel of Machupicchu in Cusco, the Nazca Lines in Ica, the Condor, a golden mask on the forehead has the letter “P” and as a background the name in uppercase Peru .

In the carnival of Sao Paulo there will be thousands of artists on stage wearing costumes alluding to their specific theme, accompanied by exceptional and gigantic floats that will show part of the Peruvian culture.

Peruvians are proud that the Peruvian theme participates in these festivals and will show the world the richness of Peru’s ancestral culture.



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