Peruvian Flag Day

The national flag of Peru is a very important element and symbol for all Peruvians, and its meaning is related to events that took place to achieve Peruvian independence.

The flag has three vertical stripes, two red and one white, the meaning given by historians represents the spilled blood of thousands of heroes and martyrs who gave their lives to defend their homeland and people. While the white strip represents freedom, justice and peace in Perú.

June 7 is a very important date, the Pacific War is remembered where the “Battle of Arica” ​​took place where Peru and Chile fought, with the participation of Alfonso Ugarte, one of the Peruvian heroes who to prevent the enemies from capturing the National flag of Peru, was launched from the top of the hill of Arica.

It is for this reason that June 7 commemorates the determination of the soldiers who did not surrender and fought in defense of their ideals and the country. This commemorative date was established in 1924, by means of a supreme decree promulgated by the government of Augusto Leguia.

All these important events are celebrated next to the national flag of Peru and much more this year 2021 which is celebrated the Year of the Bicentennial of Peru, 200 years of independence and the new presidential elections 2021.



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