Peruvian Cotton

Peruvian cotton is known around the world at the same time it is a traditional product here, grown for millennia by our ancestors. It is also a very important product for the economic development of our country.

It requires large amounts of labor thereby providing jobs for many people at the same time it is in much demand for the textile industry.

As the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation says, for many years cotton has been an engine of Peruvian agriculture and the most used raw material in our textile industry. In Peru we produce the following five varieties of cotton: Tangüis, Pima, Supima, Del Cerro y Aspero. The first two form 90% of our production in Peru. Ecological cotton is also grown in the jungle.

While the pima variety is the most exported, the tianguis is the most used within Peru and hence much less exported. Our Peruvian coast is especially well adapted to produce cotton.

Our climatic conditions and the fact that our cotton is hand harvested avoid damaging the fibers of the cotton. As a result ours is the best cotton and is optimal for the making of clothing.

Just like Peruvian coffee, asparagus, and other products, which have a high degree of export, our cotton is very important in its class.

Peru is a very important producer of agricultural goods, something that goes deep into our past. We have great possibilities in our country and it is important to show them to the world.

Brayan Coraza Morveli

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