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Peru’s Red and White Waves on High

Today we celebrate our national Holiday, our fiestas patrias, in Peru.  This twenty-eighth of July we are all Peruvians.  The celebration began on Sunday in all of Peru’s cities and towns.  People gathered in the main square of each place to show their joy and pride in our country.

In the Imperial City we live our national fiesta just as we do every year.  Several days before hand several schools begin our event with a parade in the Plaza Túpac Amaru as well as in the Plaza de Armas, the main Square of Cuzco.  All the students parade for their fatherland. In other schools the students march down streets near their institutions with the flag on high.  They sing loudly out national anthem.

On Sunday, early in the morning, the spectacle began in our main square.  As always the flag of Peru waved on high from every building, showing our national colors of red and white.  The Plaza was filled with people as the military parade began.  They marched around the square.  One soldier led the way with the national flag rising from his hands.

The Flag Waves at the Front of the Military Parade (Wayra)
The Flag Waves at the Front of the Military Parade (Wayra)

Days before, people added the flag to their balconies so that our two colors would shine.  When the twenty-eighth arrived all houses are dressed in red and white.  Flags fly above all and all the people of Cuzco show their identification and love for our country.

Once the day ends, filled with joy and happiness, we will continue celebrating the thirtieth and thirty-first.  They also are holidays.  People can spend time with their family enjoying one of the flagship dishes of our Peru.


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