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On Peru’s Independence Day

Peruvian Flag and Cusco Flag with Fruit

Peru gained its independence on the 28th of July 1821, and every year we celebrate our country. There are various ways in which we celebrate this important event and its meaning for our lives.

In general during the celebration of Peru many people decide to travel or to do internal tourism in their own region, since both the 28th and the 29th are holidays. Sometimes the government decrees a long holiday if those days come close to a weekend. In any case it becomes a four-day holiday in which Peruvian food and various national tourist destinations are promoted.

Often the government provides money for this celebration especially to state employees.

On the other hand Regional and municipal government and institution promote allegories, beginning with a civic-military parade, all to remember and celebrate our independence

This year since there is a change of government the ceremony in which the new president assumes the sash of office will take place in the national Palace of Government and be broadcast and widely watched throughout the country.

In Cusco, the National Holidays are celebrated by the great majority of people at home with their families. There people enjoy a dinner of typical food while in front of the television watching the national parades and the extraordinary ceremony that will take place. They also enjoy the great gastronomy that the municipalities present on that date.

Peruvian Flag in Cuzco
Peruvian Flag in Cuzco
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