Peru Wins as World’s Leading Culinary Destination the Third Time in a Row

Peruvian Ceviche (Walter Coraza Morveli)

Peru prevails, once again, in the World Travel Awards as the world’s leading Culinary Destination for 2014. It has won this award for the last three years, recognizing the richness of its culinary tradition, the power of its celebrity chefs, and the astuteness of its national marketing.

Not only has Peru surged through rankings such as this it has also risen in rankings of world restaurants, making Peru’s capital, Lima, one of the most important places for cuisine on earth.

In this competition Peru prevailed over other culinary powers, such as France, China, Mexico, India, Thailand, Spain, Italy, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, and the United States. Many of these have cuisines that are global recognized for their distinctiveness and flair.  Nevertheless, Peru continues to win as the world’s leading place for travelers to experience good food.

The award ceremony was a gala event held on the Caribbean Island of Anguila which the Wall Street Journal named the Oscars of the travel industry.


    1. I realize the irony in that. I wrote it because the US is a global center for culinary training and setting of tastes, though to speak of American food may quickly be to go towards humor. The finalist list for the World Travel Awards is definitely strange.

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