Perú Celebrates The Day of The Flag

Every June 7 in Peru is celebrated the day of the flag, in honor of the struggle of the Peruvian troops against the Chilean army in the Battle of Arica. Thus, every 7th of June, Peru pays tribute to all these brave soldiers who died defending their homeland, as well as those historical figures such as Francisco Bolognesi and Alfonso Ugarte, who launched himself off a cliff taking the flag with him to prevent the enemy I took it as a trophy.

Today, in the historic city of Cusco, since very early hours we have been paying homage to the Peruvian flag, the patriotic symbol of our country, with the participation of the city authorities as well as the Peruvian army and the national police of Peru, who with bands they hoisted the Peruvian flag and sang the sacred notes of the national anthem in the main square of Cusco.

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