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Peru Celebrates Ceviche Today

Enjoy a Ceviche Today (Arnold Fernandez Coraza Morveli)

Today, the 28th of June, we celebrate the National Day of Ceviche. In 2004 this dish was declared a National Cultural Heritage and in 2008 the Ministry of Production declared that every year on this date we would celebrate ceviche and its importance for Peru.

From early today many people throughout the country began making preparation to consume a delicious dish of ceviche in their homes with their families or to got o a restaurant specializing in sea food or to find a ceviche-vending tricycle in order to enjoy this wonderful food today.

Ceviche (although the preferred spelling in Peru is cebiche) has become a national emblem in Peru and you can hear its name in many parts of the country. Who has not tried ceviche? In social media a phrase circulates “If you have never had ceviche you are not Peruvian.”

This special day has been visualized in all social media and networks. From them you would get the idea that the day has become an international Day of Ceviche.

It is with great pride that our fellow Peruvians who live all around the world remember their country today by eating a delicious ceviche. It will bring them memories of the land where they were born and even though the freshest fish is found on the coast even in the Andes we are able to taste a wonderful ceviche and a chilcano to make our days that much happier.

As a result even in the most removed corner of Peru people eat ceviche as an emblem of our Peru. What will you eat today on the National Day of Ceviche.

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