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Papayas Brighten Cuzco with Gem-like Tones

Papaya Fruit Delights Cuzco These Days (By Walter Coraza Morveli)

Every Saturday and Sunday the markets of the city dress in colors, thanks to he various delicious and amazing fruit they offer. Even before you enter the markets it is as if the color were transformed into scent and it drags you in.

At this time of the year we get a broad variety of fruit. What is most abundant right now is the papaya. It is an exquisite fruit with its own unique, indescribable taste. It comes in many forms, some round and other are pear shape but much larger in size.

The color of its skin indicates its state of ripeness. For it to reach its ripest point it has to pass through a series of changes of colors. First it is a deep green and it day by day changes to orange with yellow tones.

How Would you Like to Enjoy These Delicious Fruit
How Would you Like to Enjoy These Delicious Fruit

If we peel the papaya, inside it we find a delicious flesh that is bright orange in color and of buttery texture. In its center you will see a lot of small, round seeds that are deep black and that have a gelatinous texture.

The papaya is eaten in fruit salads and as juice, whether simply papaya or in combination with other fruit. It costs 2.50 S/ per kilo of fruit, a little less than one dollar US. This is an amazingly cheap price for something so colorful, splendid and delicious. You can enjoy it in any of its preparations.

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