Palm Sunday Brings Passion to Cusco

Today, Palm Sunday, began very early with vendors set up in strategic places by churches, among others. Little by little people arrived from different parts of the city to take home the blessed palm fronds. The Cathedral filled with people until they were spilling into the streets waiting for the blessing to reach them.

After the mass that is particular for today, the priests blessed the palm fronds of every one who came. The people returned home content. You could see many complete families made up of father, mother, children, and also grandparents.

In the distance you could hear the melody of the Nations of Qoyllurrit’i who paraded with all the mayordomos carrying their urns. Behind them came all the standard and banners. People stood to the side to be able to witness the parade, the pasacalle. In front of the Cathedral they knelt and began to pray.










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