Paisana Jacinta Does not Represent Me

La Paisana Jacinta

With the slogan “Paisana Jacinta does not represent me”, many women in Peru stood upthe challenge the premiere of the film “La Paisana Jacinta in Busca de Wasaberto”. The character of Paisana Jacinta is played by comedian Alberto Benavides.

Paisana Jacinta is characterized as a country woman who somewhat wears traditional outfits from the sierra such as pollera (skirt), lliclla (carrying cloth), ojotas (sandals), and braids. This character is portrayed as naive and ignorant in many things. In the TV series about her, it shows her coming to the Capital in search of work where many people want to take advantage of her naivety.

La Paisana Jacinta
La Paisana Jacinta

Once this movie was released, critics proclaimed the film is discriminatory and that it causes lower appreciation for Andean women. Using this hashtag #YONOSOYJACINTA many women spoke out, saying “The Andean woman is beautiful, strong, courageous, self-sacrificing, supportive, enterprising and a hard worker … Unfortunately, sometimes naive, denigrated and mistreated.” It is true that for a long time the women from villages went to the capital of Peru in search of a better future and ended up being exploited, discriminated against and mistreated. Much of thisis illustrated in this character. The actor who plays her is male.

The mayor of Cusco, Carlos Moscoso has legally denounced the production of the film as criminal and has demanded that it be removed from the theatres for attacking Andean culture and everything it represents.

We want future characters in TV and film to show how the Andean woman really is and that the roll be performed by a woman, since Peruvian women are worth a lot as we see in our heroines like Micaela bastidas and María Parado de Bellido.

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