San Jerónimo, St. Jerome (Walter Coraza Morveli)
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The Feast of the San Jerónimo Patron

Today is a very special day in the district of San Jerónimo. After a great serenade last night where musical … 0 495
Pablito the bear in Machu Picchu (Photo: Fidelus Coraza Morveli)
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A Spectacled Bear in the Mountains of Machu Picchu – A Wonderful Experience

Organizing and taking groups to the citadel of Machu Picchu one day became a very special day. Why? This is … 0 884
Día Internacional del Turismo (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)
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Cusco celebrates World Tourism Day

Today the city of Cusco is celebrating the world day of tourism, as every September 27th, with various artistic and … 0 766
Spring season in Cusco (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)

Spring Brings the Blossoming of Much Love, Peace and Harmony

Every September 23, throughout Peru at national level, the first day of spring it is celebrated. It is the beginning … 0 406
Virgen de la Natividad (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)
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Almudena Celebrates this Month

September is a month of feasts in Cusco. Everyone goes to visit to see the Virgin of the Nativity’s feast … 0 796

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Sunset in Cusco (Walter Coraza Morveli)
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History and Information About Cusco

Important points of the history of Cusco starting from the Plaza de Armas. In Inca times, what is today the … 0 2518
Huaca Mesa Redonda (Photo: Wayra)
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Mama Qaqa or better known as ‘Mother Stone’

Mama Qaqa or better known as ‘Mother Stone’ is present among the wak’as (or huaca. A wak’a (Quechua) is an … 0 959
Guaman Poma, Observing the Sun


One of the most important problems of astronomy and Inca calendar involves an evaluation of the identities and role of … 1 907
Llamas y ausangate (

Llamas and their importance in the Andean World

Llamas are domestic animals from the Camelidae family and are common in the Peruvian Andes. It was a very important … 0 594
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Ayahuasca, A Plant with Demands, Challenges, and Changes

What if I told you there was a plant that could show your past, present, and future? A plant believed … 0 1898