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The Feast of San Pedro and San Pablo

Closing the festival of Cusco comes the feast of San Pedro and San Pablo on the penultimate day that is … 0 538
Fiesta del Rio Dance from Quillabamba (Photo: Wayra)
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Celebration for the Anniversary La Convencion Province

The celebration of the anniversary of the province of La Convención whose capital is Quillabamba, is celebrated on June 25. … 0 549
Beauty and the Saqra, Having Fun in Cuzco (Photo: Walter Coraza).
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Paucartambo’s Masks Declared Cultural Heritage

The knowledge and the techniques in the elaboration of the masks of Paucartambo were declared Cultural Patrimony of the Nation, … 0 585
The Bulls

Techniques to Hunt Wild Cattle for Bullfights

In the month of August a very important festival, the bullfight, takes place in Ica. For it the inhabitants have … 0 509
The Christ of Qoyllority (Walter Coraza Morveli)
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In Honor of the Lord of Qoyllorriti

The festival of the Lord of Qoyllorriti is one of the most important in the calendar of activities for the … 0 502

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Rumi Maqui, A Forgotten Hero

Rumi Maqui, A Forgotten Hero

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Boarding a Taxi (David Knowlton)

There Were No Pumas Up There, A Taxi Tale

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Inca Garcilaso de la Vega

The Multiple Spanishes of Cusco

0 1995
Sunset in Cusco (Walter Coraza Morveli)
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History and Information About Cusco

Important points of the history of Cusco starting from the Plaza de Armas. In Inca times, what is today the … 0 4435
Huaca Mesa Redonda (Photo: Wayra)
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Mama Qaqa or better known as ‘Mother Stone’

Mama Qaqa or better known as ‘Mother Stone’ is present among the wak’as (or huaca. A wak’a (Quechua) is an … 0 2192
Guaman Poma, Observing the Sun


One of the most important problems of astronomy and Inca calendar involves an evaluation of the identities and role of … 1 2144
Llamas y ausangate (https://www.instagram.com/p/-U9BPqovH_/)

Llamas and their importance in the Andean World

Llamas are domestic animals from the Camelidae family and are common in the Peruvian Andes. It was a very important … 0 594
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Ayahuasca, A Plant with Demands, Challenges, and Changes

What if I told you there was a plant that could show your past, present, and future? A plant believed … 0 3172