Sandwich and Ketchup
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Sandwiches Thrive on Cuzco Streets

Sandwiches dominate much of the food scene in Cusco. This might surprise, given the current Peruvian emphasis on gastronomy, the growth of good restaurants in the city, and the overwhelming popularity of things like roterisserie chicken (pollo a la brasa) and chifa (Peruvian Chinese food). Fast food firms, such and the Peruvian Bembos and the multinational McDonald’s and KFC, captureda large part of the market, but there is more.2 1315

Starbucks on the Plaza

As the New Year rolled in, a Starbucks opened in Cuzco on the Plaza de Armas. Though the coming of Starbucks to Cuzco has been controversial, you would not have known it by the crowds that filled the second floor corporate coffee shop last night. It was standing room only, as people ordered, waited for, and consumed their “altos”, “grandes” and “ventis.” 4 3418
Yellow for New Year's
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Burned Clothes, Gold, and Fireworks: Cuzco’s New Year

“Happy New Year” erupts in popping fireworks and bursting rockets as everyone gives every near a hug and a wish for happiness and all good, while scattering a handful of yellow confetti on their head. At midnight, the navel of the world explodes in joy, like cities the world over as one year in the calendar turns to another. 0 1410
Cobbles up Hill

Senses of the Street

To get places in Cuzco I walk. Through my shoes my feet feel the roundedness of old cobblestones or the flatness of stones shaped like bricks. They feel the smoothness of cement and the softness of asphalt. Sidewalks are not broken by tree-roots into jagged planes like at home, but are smooth, broken only by square, open holes for utilities with no cover to protect the unwary pedestrian. Your feet have to see and sense.0 1325
Papayas Delivered to the Door

Abundance of Fruit

During this time of the year Cuzco's markets and streets burst with fresh fruit.0 1252

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