The Red and White of Peru

Fiestas Patrias

Red and white, the colors seem omnipresent in Cuzco today. Where a month ago the rainbow seemed to appear on … 0 1609
Selling Crispy Empanadas
Food Culture

Street Food and Fast Food Sizzle in Cuzco

A rich and evolving street food scene fills Cuzco to the pleasure of its people. Although in cities from which many tourists come, food prepared on the spot or ready for you as you pass by suggests fast food chains, even there street food is claiming ever more importance. In Cuzco, street food is the fast food par excellence’ its constantly responds to new trends and meets the demands of its clients.0 1627
Pears on the Stem
Food Culture

Dreams Predict Life in Cuzco

Have you ever dreamed you were picking ripe, juicy fruit? If so and you lived in a Cuzco household the next morning over breakfast you would be invited to recount what you had dreamed and then everyone would discuss the meaning of the dreams for what they would tell you about the upcoming day and its dramas. Cuzco fits within a tradition of dream interpretation that covers the Andes from southern Colombia to Chile and Argentina.0 1487
Naturlandia in San Blas

Naturlandia, Vegetarian Food Flourishes in San Blas

A small, welcoming place, less than a block from the popular Plaza de San Blas, Naturlandia (Carmen Alto 146) opened to provide people with quickly prepared vegetarian food made from the natural products of the region of Cuzco. Besides food, it also has a mission to teach people the benefits of vegetarian living. Its motto seems to be with gusto and life for all.0 1491
Maracuya Sours Made with Pisco
Food Culture

Happy Pisco Day

Today Peru celebrates it banner drink, a brandy called Pisco.  Obtaining recognition  for this beverage named after the region of Pisco, south of Lima, has been an important part of Peru’s official push for the recognition of its gastronomy.  As a result, Pisco increasingly claims place throughout the world as a spirit to enjoy. 0 1308

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Ceviche in Cusco (By Erick Coraza)

Ceviche in Cusco

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Would you like a croissant for your breakfast?

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Anticuchos (Walter Coraza)

Anticucho Day, October 21

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folklore and legends

Yawar Fiesta (By Javier Prado)

The Yawar Fiesta

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Beware of Strange Dogs Following You (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Plaza de Mollepata


Rumi Maqui, A Forgotten Hero

Rumi Maqui, A Forgotten Hero

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Boarding a Taxi (David Knowlton)

There Were No Pumas Up There, A Taxi Tale

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Inca Garcilaso de la Vega

The Multiple Spanishes of Cusco

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Archeology, Culture, history, Travel

Funeral Rites in Inca Times

Inca culture was characterized by its religious and magical beliefs where death and life were one. The being did not … 0 1440
Sunset in Cusco (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Cultura, history, tourism, Travel

History and Information About Cusco

Important points of the history of Cusco starting from the Plaza de Armas. In Inca times, what is today the … 0 5522
Huaca Mesa Redonda (Photo: Wayra)
Archeology, Culture, history

Mama Qaqa or better known as ‘Mother Stone’

Mama Qaqa or better known as ‘Mother Stone’ is present among the wak’as (or huaca. A wak’a (Quechua) is an … 0 2981
Guaman Poma, Observing the Sun


One of the most important problems of astronomy and Inca calendar involves an evaluation of the identities and role of … 1 2856
Llamas y ausangate (

Llamas and their importance in the Andean World

Llamas are domestic animals from the Camelidae family and are common in the Peruvian Andes. It was a very important … 0 594

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