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October Brings Doña Pepa’s Turron to Cuzco’s Tables

Doña Pepa’s Turron is a traditional sweet from Peru´s north. Each year its demand grows and it is more eaten, generally in the month of October called the purple month in honor of the Lord of Miracles, Peru’s patron saint.

With all the colored sprinkles of covering the turron, attached to it with a flavored honey-like syrup, it just looks delicious and attractive from glassed in displays. A rainbow of bright colors, shapes looks at you enticingly. Though they are attractive and wonderful, every layer of this complex and composite sweet steals away any anxiety you might have about trying this traditional and seasonal sweet.

In Lima they use a traditional to make up these delicious turrones. They involve different ingredients such as flour, sugar, dried fruit, sweets, and more. It is a complex process of making pastry logs and joining them together with flavored syrup in layers covered finally by brightly colored sugar candy so that in every single piece, even down to the last crumb, you can enjoy the turron’s magic.

This delicacy is something sweet, or misk’i as our people say. People have it along with a hot drink, such as a coffee or a hot tea. Mothers tend to keep Doña Pepa’s turron hidden so that children will not sneak it until it is time to eat this traditional delight. It is much richer than any other sweet you can buy in stores.

As a kind of exchange, my uncles and aunts in Lima send us Doña Pepas’ turrones and in exchange my parents send them chuta breads along with local cheeses so that our families can enjoy the exchanges of food between Lima and Cuzco.



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My mother would hide the turrones so it was very hard for us to find them. On the Sundays in October we would share them as a family. None of us brothers and sisters would go without this exquisite treat.

Of course you can find Doña Pepa’s turrón in pastry shops every day of the year. Its recipe will vary from one Baker to another. The favor is different in the turrones from the coast as opposed to those made in the highlands.

This is the month of Doña Pepa’s turrones where families throughout Cuzco will consume this delicacy. Though available other times it has so much more meaning now, through the beginning days of November.

Brayan Coraza Morveli

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