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Noodles Delight and Inspire Creativity in Cuzco

We have a wide range of dishes in Cuzco, both typical and not typical, that are prepared daily by our chefs. Thanks to the great variety of foods that is grown nearby, our cooks are constantly innovating new offerings. They constantly give us new delights.

We have dishes for special moments, such as when, for example, you celebrate a birthday. On those days it is common to have a roast chicken (pollo al horno) along with a Russian salad (ensalada rusa) and out hot sauce (uchukuta) that can never be missing from a table.

When people carry out the obligations of sponsoring a fiesta, they serve up roast pork (lechon), and our famous chiriuchu, perhaps the most typical dish of all from our Cuzco.

There is another dish that is becoming ever more popular. It is the tallarin saltado, the stir fried noodles. It is commonly found in our chifas (Chinese restaurants) and in others where it forms part of the daily menu (set meal).

The combination of french-fried potatoes, onion, tomatoes and either chicken or beef stir fried all together with noodles, either Chinese-style or Italian-style, makes for a wonderful dish, colorful, varied and very tasty. It is easy to prepare and much loved. As a result, it is commonly found for lunch in Cuzco’s homes.

The word saltar, such as in this dish’s name is often weirdly translated into English. Here it is a combination of the word for sauté along with the word for stir-fried. It root image of jumping is particularly apt, since when the fry pan or wok is shaken by a chef, the ingredients jump backwards into the pan, turning and relocating themselves in order to get an even fry.

Just like this delicious tallaring saltado, we have other dishes of long noodles we eat and love in Cuzco. One of our real favorites is fettuccine al horno, what we call tallarines al horno. This is a very special dish served for fiestas and family celebrations int eh company of a stuffed hot pepper, a rocoto. Another dish with noodles is the papas a la Huancaina. While on the coast and abroad this is an appetizer made from boiled potatoes on a bed of lettuce covered with a savory yellow pepper cheese sauce, in Cuzco it becomes a noodle dish when noodles are aded to it and people mix them with the sauce to eat them.

Our chefs will continue to create new offerings as the rescue older dishes that people are forgetting and create new ones from our amazing produce and ingredients. They will continue to challenge and enrich our palates as Cuzco’s gastronomic world and its own culinary styles become more well known. We truly have some wonderful food.





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