New Rock Art Near Machu Picchu

Arte Rupestre en Machupicchu

A new discovery of rick art stirred the world of Machu Picchu. Some one hundred meters from the city of Machu Picchu, in the sector known as Pachamama, were found rock paintings of llamas and of a man.

Many hypotheses have been suggested to explain them. Some say they were Inca paintings while other affirm that they were pre-Inca.

According to some of Cusco’s media, the discovery is not something really new. They argue the paintings are part of a series of discoveries that have been in process during the last few years both within and without the archeological park of Machu Picchu. What is certain is that the rock art was found near ceremonial huacas and this shows that our ancestors also spread their belief and knowledge by means of this art.

The discovery of the paintings was made by the Dirección Desconcentrada de Cultura del Cusco y la Asolación Peruana de Arte Rupestre. The art includes the representation of a man and black cemelids painted on a large rock.

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