Nature and Relaxation Abound in Cuzco’s Hot Springs

Cuzco has many attractive places that are also important for the cultural patrimony or heritage of its people.  All of these sites have impressive, organized paths for people to enjoy scenery and the site as a local and international tourist venue.

Some, such as the various hot springs that have been in uses since ancient times, require some time to get to from the city of Cuzco, but they are worth it as places of relaxation and of natural beauty.  They offer visitors a wonderful and refreshing stay, whether as a couple or as a family.

Many o these places also offer other services such as spending the night and restaurants.  All have relaxation as their common goal, relaxation through enjoying the thermal pools.  The water is natural and comes from the bowels of the earth to be enjoyed by all.

Some of these places are La Raya, Conoc, Lares, Aguas Calientes, and so on.  These four are the most well known although they are a bit removed from the city.  Four hours from Cuzco lies the site of Conoc.  It is at the side of the Apurimac River, just after you leave the town of Limatambo but before you arrive at Curahuasi.

A nice view of Conoc from the mountains
A nice view of Conoc from the mountains

This beautiful place is temperate and humid.  Its vegetation is very interesting and it has a wide variety of birds whose colors and songs will enchant you.  Conoc has three different pools of different sizes.  The ones that are higher up the hill are hotter.

Many people enjoy this place.  It is most popular as evening approaches, the time when many people arrive from Cuzco in order to bathe in the warm to hot waters and then rest.  The next day they will return to the city, relaxed and refreshed, ready to continue with their daily routine.

The water that emerges form the earth is crystalline and transparent.  It is beautiful.  In Conoc you will also find a rustic hotel and a restaurant. Of course you can also make a day trip and enjoy these services then.

Hot springs pools in Aguas Calientes, the staging ground for Machu Picchu.
Hot springs pools in Aguas Calientes, the staging ground for Machu Picchu.

In the morning the glowing sun comes out and illuminates the crystalline waters as well as the groups of birds flitting hither and yon.  You will sometimes see as many as 100 to 150 birds in each flock turning and rising all over Conoc.

In addition, this place at the side of the river and centered among mountain slopes is protected form winds and harsh storms.  Its temperature is pleasant.  Of course in the daytime there are mosquitoes and you will need to take repellent to protect yourself from them.  Conoc also has places you can build a fire in order to cook for you and your family.

Just like other spots with thermal waters, In Conoc you will find this range of service and beauty in nature.  It is good to take the opportunity to get away and relax at least once every three or four months.  These hot springs offer all that you cannot find in the city.





Brayan Coraza Morveli

I am completely Cusqueño and am 20 years old. By profession, I am a systems analyst. I like to listen to and play Andean music as well as do break dancing. I also love to share my experiences as someone from Cuzco with other people. One of my great goals is to get to know my culture more deeply and share it with others, both people of other generations and brothers and sisters from other parts of the world.

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