Native Speakers Work Teaching English in Cuzco’s Máxmio Nivel

Maximo Nivel Teachers in Machu Picchu

Cuzco receives people from all over the world. They arrive constantly to visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu, found nearby. Some of them decide they want to stay longer, once they are in Cuzco, in order to visit on their own, without being locked into a rigorous travel schedule.

Many, once they have made this decision, look for work to pay some of their expenses. An institution, Máximo Nivel, which is a center for the study of English, often employs them as teachers. This institute has years of history now and is known for classes taught by native speakers of English.

Increasingly, Máximo Nivel is becoming known as the place for studying English in the city of Cuzco. As a result, it needs a constant flow of native language teachers.

If you compare it with ICPNA and with the Centro de Idiomas, which are the other two well-known and good schools for English, you notice that the big difference is that in Máximo Nivel the teachers are from English speaking countries. The school also offers “Tandems” where a student can work one on one with a teacher in the teacher’s free time, and finally because of the good packages offered within the school’s teaching project.

The institute does not accept just any foreigner who shows up. The owners of the school evaluate each by having them go through a series of tests.

Máximo Nivel’s teachers are happy to be living in the Imperial City and sharing themselves with locals. They also like receiving a salary from their teaching.

Some of these teachers live in the homes of local residents, while others organize themselves with other foreigners to live together. In these ways, their stay in Cuzco is also an educational experience. And, if they live with the people of Cuzco they can also learn Spanish.

Finally, Máximo Nivel charges its students 130/S monthly, about $46 US. For this fee, students not only enjoy classes with foreign teachers, they also can enjoy the computer center, the coffee center, and salsa classes on Friday. Wi Fi is also free.

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