National Potato Day

On May 30th of each year Peru celebrates its National Day of the Potato. It is a day that was instituted with the idea of reaffirming our identity to our tuber that stands as a national symbol at the same time it is an indispensable food in Peruvian homes.

As mentioned above, the consumption of potatoes draws almost all Peruvians. Potatoes are bought and eaten every day, since most dishes contain this ingredient.

It is well known that there are more than 5000 thousand varieties of potato in the world and that at least 3000 belong to Peru. They come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and flavors.

We will explain the differences among the most common potatoes consumed every day here.

Papa Huayro:



2 Days Experiences

Wachuma ceremony

Half Day retreats

These are characterized by their large size and by being mealy. Usually this potato is used for boiling and to give more volume to soups. It is not recommended for frying. This potato is one of those used for huatia (ground oven baked potatoes).

Papa Peruanita:

This potato is characterized by its colors which resemble the flag of Peru. That is why it takes its name. Its size is regular and, just like the potato huayro, it is used for boiling and not frying. This potato is well known and is also used to make huatia.

Papa Cica:

This potato is one of the most common and you will find it in any market. Its price varies depending on the season between 1 sol and 1.20. It can be used for frying and also for soups.

Papa Canchan:

This is also one of the common potatoes and is used for a lot of dishes, It is also very good for frying.

This national day of the potato we can join the celebration by prepare a dish with potatoes. Not only will we get the nutrients, we will also feel proud to have Peruvian products that benefit our lives.

Long live the potato with its P for Peru.

Potatoes in the Market
Potatoes in the Market

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