National Day of Tour Guides

Today, September 30, 2019, the Day of Tour Guides is being celebrated. The reason is because this is a special week. A few days before, September 27, World Tourism Day was also celebrated in a great celebration all over the world.

Very early today tourism organizations began to greet all the tour guides; social networks were filled with warm messages for all the professional tour guides who exercise this beautiful career.

Many of them were taken by surprise, since they were performing it if they worked in different places. Also, along with the celebration, is that of the patron Saint Jerome in the city of Cusco. Dancers of Majeño brightened the morning with very picturesque characters in the main square of Cusco.

It was the celebration for the day of the tour guide organized by the Cultural Associations of guides formed by the COLITUR, AGOTUR and PROGATUR of the city of Cusco. They danced around the main square of Cusco with an accompaniment of local and foreign people who were in the place.

Together with the image of the patron saint of San Jerónimo they made a parade to the rhythm of the camperos (traditional musicians). Stop for a moment and then continue with your itinerary for this day. Today all Cusco guides will have a beautiful evening with all the people who value their work.

Being a guide is the best career, and even more if you are in love with the culture that saw you born and grow. Cusco guides work with all their hearts to provide unforgettable services to visitors. HAPPY DAY OF THE TOUR GUIDe

Brayan Coraza Morveli

I am completely Cusqueño and am 20 years old. By profession, I am a systems analyst. I like to listen to and play Andean music as well as do break dancing. I also love to share my experiences as someone from Cuzco with other people. One of my great goals is to get to know my culture more deeply and share it with others, both people of other generations and brothers and sisters from other parts of the world.

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