Mothers’ Day in Cuzco

Mothers and the Families Celebrate Today

Mothers’ Day each year represents a special day for the mothers of the world and one in which you can celebrate solidarity among people. This special moment in family is very important among all the different activities of the year.

Different places mark the day differently. Today is Mothers’ Day in Peru although in other countries it may fall on a different date. Some places may do a feast, performance, presentations, and more for mothers. In Cuzco, this day is one of the most remembered throughout the year.

From kindergartens to the universities and in places of work homage is paid to mothers with lots of feeling and commitment.

The youngest children dedicate to their mothers poems and songs under the direction of their teachers. In this way, from the time they are very young they will carry in their hearts this culture of respect and love for mothers. At the same time the older children dedicate songs and dances to entertain their mothers and bring them smiles.

The best gift for mother is for all of their children to come together on this special day. Of course they also hope they will not have to do anything.

In any case, the children prepare gifts and special moments for their mothers. And, as a result, for several days before, the main streets of the city are filled with congestion.

Since the day in which we celebrate mothers is the second Sunday in May, merchants and stores work hard to offer beautiful gifts. Some of them are ingenious and are worth buying for that alone.

You will find gifts from flower arrangements, thousands of different kinds of chocolates, lingerie, and all kinds of apparatuses for the home. Many people will use expressions such as “everything for mom” or “because I love my mother so much”.

Gifts of food are also common. They consist in the gift of a lunch or a dinner for the mothers. The family’s children may take charge of cooking or they may take her to a restaurant so she has a great day.

In the city concerts are also offered such as in the Beer Garden, the Coliseum, The Youth Home, or the Uriel García Coliseum. There, different musical and artistic groups prepare to render homage to mothers on this day.

So many things and just one day. All this means that people love their mothers al lot and show it with gifts and actions.

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