Mothers Day in Cuzco

Working Mother and Her Daughters
Working Mother and Her Daughters

It is May and it is the month of the Mother, even if events focus only on one day. Considered without doubt one of the most important celebrations in the festive calendar of the city of Cuzco, on Mothers Day every one renders homage to the mothers of Cuzco.

Expectations for this day are high. People hope to spend it in their families while enjoying the day and increasing their unity and love. At the same time businesses–both stores and restaurants–hope for an increase in sales and, as a result, make special offers during this month.

Traditionally on the day people make visits beginning early to give a formal embrace to mothers. Then they greet them and give them red roses for their day. The flowers are the principle detail for wishing them well and making them know how important they are in this life. In addition some people will take with them the traditional ponche de habas, or fava bean punch, to share it as a breakfast in honor of this special day.

Gifts for Mother's Day
Gifts for Mother’s Day

During this day people will also visit the cemeteries to be with their mothers who have already passed to the other world. Within the cemetery there are elderly people who sing responses, which are prayers, for greeting the mothers. These prayers are carried out in Quechua with Latin thrown in. After the prayer they will bless the mothers’ tombs with holy water.

Poster of Mother's Day Event
Poster of Mother’s Day Event

Mothers Day celebrations vary according to place. Within the city of Cuzco, the municipal government and other organizations organize concerts of folklore music as well as cumbia, and other popular genres of the time. For this Mothers Day there will be concerts of the famous Los Iracundos, Eva Ayllon, and others, who will perform in places such as the Cerza Cusqueña Beer Garden, the University Paraninfo (auditorium) and others. During these events the musical groups take charge of making mothers happy the best they can.

Mother's Day Celebration at School
Mother’s Day Celebration at School

Besides the public institutions, neighborhoods, schools, and others organize activity to celebrate mothers. For example, in elementary schools Mothers Day is a very important date in the educational calendar. Hours are taken from the school day to commemorate this day. Performance numbers are prepared and carried out by the students. These include poetry readings in Spanish and Quechua, popular dances, and traditional dances. At the same time, red roses are handed out to mothers. The goal of the feast if for mothers to enjoy this important day.

Singing for Mothers Day at School
Singing for Mothers Day at School

Besides these festivities, this day has also become an important commercial event. Chain stores, smaller stores, and others take advantage of his day for commercial ends.

Here is a poem for this special day.

My Mother My Queen
Mother, may you always be blessed,
I will always remember how from when I was little
Your exhausting efforts that show still in your soft, moist cheeks.

Self Sacrificing Mother!, Sobbing Mother!, Strong, Fighting Mother!, Divine Mother!
I wish to write you a hymn of love,
A song of hope that there will be no more envy.
Hypocrisy, or evil,
Only the kisses of a mother, Queen of my Life.

When does a mother cry or suffer?
When her children are also crying and suffering
When does a mother laugh and play?
When her children also laugh and play.

Oh divine mother, what would life be without you?
The light of the sun would not shine
The rivers and spring would be dry.
Nothing would exist. Even God would forget.
Thank you, Mother.
Because of you, everything exists!

Flowers for Mothers Day
Flowers for Mothers Day

Cuzco Eats and its team wish to send a special greeting to all mothers on their day. For those working mothers who day by day fight for a better tomorrow without worrying about obstacles, those who fight for their country and culture, we wish to tell them how important they are. Like the sun when they laugh, they illuminate everything in their path. Like water we need them to live. Like fire they touch the soul, when they hug you with their burning, pure love. And like the wind they reach into the depths of your heart.

Happy Mothers Day.

Mother at Work
Mother at Work


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