More than a Good Look, New Year’s Celebrations in Peru


After the celebration of Christmas, the great party of New Year’s arrives. Children sleep and home and the adults prepare themselves for a night that will last til dawn. However they face a problem. With an empty stomach they will not be able to keep their energy flowing. As a result the New Year’s Eve dinner awaits us.

Excitement invades everyone, as the hours count down. New Year’s is one of the most enthusiastically awaited parties of the year. Everything has to be perfect; Nice clothes, shoes, makeup on the women and well styled hair for men are required.

The reservations are ready, but for such a night of celebration you need more than a good look. You need a lot of energy to be able to dance with great enthusiasm. As a result, people need a good dinner beforehand. It will help us resist the effects of alcohol and will give us nourishment and energy. The food must be subtle and not very heavy so as not to cause problem on our stomachs when it mixes with the cocktails that await us.

Cilindro de Cola de Buey y Foie
Cilindro de Cola de Buey y Foie

It is recommend we avoid the turkey or pork common for Christmas and instead opt for something gourmet, subtle but well realized and perfect for this long awaited night. Perhaps you might wish a fine fish dish with a gentle sauce accompanied by vegetables sautéed in butter. Or maybe you wish a grilled squid with a side of aromatic potatoes with fine hers. Something similar may be your desire.

It should not be too heavy with dressings and sauces and it should be easily digestible, something you can accompany with a well-chilled bottle of champagne.


Another good idea to keep your energy going is the appetizer plate. Breads and fruit are a good choice. They nourish you with carbohydrates that quickly give you the energy necessary for a long night. Bread helps us to not fall so quickly under the influence of alcohol and they are not so heavy and are easily digested.

Appertizers for New Year
Appertizers for New Year

Besides, these are readily available in any fine bar and can easily accompany a glass of fine wine.

People who stay at home to celebrate can eat whatever they wish, since they will not need much physical energy. Their menu can be the same as they had for Christmas—a turkey or pork dish accompanied by rice and a puree. Or they can eat Italian food, perhaps a fettuccine a la crema with a good cut of grilled meat. It would be classic but exquisite. In reality you could enjoy anything, if you do not plan on drinking much.

In many parts of the country, but especially in the highlands, they tend to bake a pork roast for tonight and accompany it with abundant riche and “papas doradas”, browned golden potatoes. With this dish they make their party and finish it with bottles of beer that pass over the table like a summer carnival. The feast lasts until the sun comes up. People celebrate this feast with great joy and enjoy it with lots of energy.

Tiradito Tragaluz
Tiradito Tragaluz


In the city of Lima an infinity of fiestas are organized with different format. Often hundreds of people come to them. The bar is free, so having to stand in line to pay for your dink is forgotten. You can ask for what you want, without worries, since the point is to celebrate at the side of your family and friends.

No matter where you go, all of this is background, since the celebration is something you create with your loved ones. The point is to receive the New Year with lots of joy, love, and responsibility.

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