Moon Rise over Cuzco: Time-Lapse Sequence

Cuzco as the Full Moon Rises (Photo: Alonzo Riley)

Seeing the full moon over Cuzco is an adventure in itself. The city still maintains a connection with the lunar calendar that organized the Inca months, although now it is because Catholic ritual depends on a lunar calendar. The night’s orb, called in Quechua Mama Killa, Lady Moon, is important because it is the counterpart of Tata Inti, the Father Sun. Even though centuries have passed since the Incas last feasted these celestial bodies, they still shape peoples’ lives and make the sky’s movement something people pay attention to. In recognition of this, Alonzo Riley took a time lapse sequence of photos of the last moon rise which we share with you here.

The full moon over New Cuzco from Alonzo Riley on Vimeo.

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