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Mashed Avocado, a Wonderful Breakfast in Cuzco

Mashed Avocado (Wayra)

An avocado sauce, as we call it, similar to what you might call guacamole, is one of the favorites of the city of Cuzco. It possesses a delicious and incomparable flavor, creamy and yet rich. You can make it with any kind of avocado because all are pleasing. Their flavors and textures are different. Some are creamier than others. For example, the moqueguana is creamier than others.

Fuerte Avocado (Wayra)
Fuerte Avocado (Wayra)

To prepare this delicious avocado sauce you just have to obtain any kind of avocado. Some people prefer Hass avocados and others prefer Fuerte, since these are large and have excellent taste and texture. From them you can get a good quantity of sauce.

When you have the avocados at hand you just cut them in half and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. Then with a fork you mash the avocado flesh in a bowl. You keep this up until it turns into something like a puree. Once it is ready, you add the magic touch, a small bit of salt and this makes its flavor increase as if by magic. It becomes that much more delicious.

When the avocado sauce is ready you can add diced onions and tomatoes cut into small cubes. Then you stir it well so that all is well mixed. It is now ready to enjoy with some fluffy boiled potatoes.

Casera Preparing a Delicious Mashed Avocado (Wayra)
Casera Preparing a Delicious Mashed Avocado (Wayra)

This wonderful and tasty sauce is something we often eat for breakfast. We have it on huaro bread, oropesa bread or even on specialty breads. We cut the bread in half and add a certain quantity of the sauce. Then we eat it along with sips from a cup of hot coffee. Together they make an exquisite combination. You should not hesitate to try it.

Fresh Avocados (Wayra)
Fresh Avocados (Wayra)
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