Maintenance Work At Machu Picchu

In the town of Machupicchu known as Aguas Calientes, as well as in the Inca citadel, maintenance and conservation works have been carried out on the walls, wooden bridges, wooden steps, as well as the cutting of the terraces, work which is done now that the rainy season has begun; it will last until March.

Although in the Inca citadel there are several llamas, who apart from being an attraction for tourists, are natural cutters of the grass, that is not enough. For this reason grass cutters are being used to avoid the grass growing too much in the rainy season.

Another job that is being done is the maintenance of the wooden stairs. They cover the wood with varnish to protect it from water and thus prevent it from rotting with the rains. In addition, the staff has been removing the grass and roots that are among the stones because many of the Inca walls are made of stones joined by mud mortar. With the humidity of the place these roots grow very fast and destroy the walls.

On the other hand, the town Machupicchu has several bridges, some of wood which were already in poor condition. Some parts are spoiled by moisture. They have already been Intervened and are being replacing by a metal bridge that is not yet ready and is still in construction.

In the same way as each year, the Inca Trail of Machupicchu will be closed during the month of February, from the first to the first of the month of March. During this month access to this tour known as the signature tour offered by our country will not be given.

This measure is taken every year to facilitate maintenance and conservation work on this important Inca road network, which includes the roadway, the wooden bridges, drainage channels, and the cutting and cleaning of the vegetation. It also includes maintenance of the camping areas and restrooms in order to conserve this road network and offer security to tourists.

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