The imperial city of the Incas delights throughout the year with a variety of feasts and activities. In each feast you can find something new. Not only is this true for the musicians and dancers who celebrate each of the great feasts, but even for the vendors who make their living plying the crowds that attend the events. They are constantly looking for new things to excite the people of Cuzco in drinks, foods, and sweets.

One of the most important events in the city is the Day of the Dead. On this day the people of Cuzco remember their departed loved ones. On this day the people in the city divide themselves into two parts, since there are two cemeteries, Huancaro and Almudena. (Although there is a third, the garden cemetery of Poroy, it is outside and above the city.) In each of them the people of Cuzco live memories of their loved ones and the sadness of their departure.

Spinning Cotton Candy (Photo: Walter Coraza).
Spinning Cotton Candy (Photo: Walter Coraza).

The older people are enjoying the day of memory by drinking chicha and beer. In fact many of them leave the cemeteries already drunk but with an amazing joy. The children are used to playing the games that are found at the gate of the cemeteries and they also delight in the sweets and deserts, such as caramel apples, ice creams, and cotton candy.

More than anything else the young people love cotton candy. A single portion can delight various kids.

Besides having great taste, this delicious sweet brings joy and color to the feasts.

The vendors display it on a big pole. With sticks of the treat hanging, like limbs on a tree, they go out into the crowds to sell at events and beasts, seeking to sweeten the palate of children and youth. Not only is it sold in events at the cemetery Turing the Day of the Dead celebration, but it also can be found outside the schools of Cuzco and at the exits of the coliseum and the stadium.

For just a single sol coin a person can buy one of these sticks of spun sugar and with it please the whole family.

Selling Cotton Candy of Different Colors (Photo: Walter Coraza).
Selling Cotton Candy of Different Colors (Photo: Walter Coraza).


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