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Kindergarten Children Draw Warmth and Joy from Adults

Kinder Garden Students Performing During the Independence Day of Peru

Kinder Garden Students Performing During the Independence Day of Peru

Small girls and boys open a great warmth and excitement in people. Even more is caused by children who are just starting kindergarten. Their beautiful gestures and smiles captivate adults. Their antics sometimes may cause frustration but with a smile and a look they turn your heart around. They bring joy to the home with their words and the noise they make.

The centers of initial education, better known as gardens (or kindergartens), educate he girls and boys. They accept children from 4 years old and educate them through 6 years old. During those two long years they teach them many things and prepare them well in all ways so that they can develop into great people in the future and so they can begin first grade in elementary school without any difficulty.

In the city of Cusco, in almost all the gardens we only find women who teach. They are charged with putting together a good education for our children. They are professionals and have a lot of patience to put up with all the antics and willfulness of young children during those four hours per day, five days a week.

A Little Child Having Fun
A Little Child Having Fun

Through enchanting songs, enjoyable games, the use of colors, paints, play dough, and more, they teach the children new things as time goes on. Besides basic learning they also teach them something else of importance, to share with each other. They teach them to share not only objects but also their snacks with each other.

In order for this lesson to be very clear, they always have it present. Sharing is very important in life. The teachers carry out various activities and preparations to teach this. For example, in order to make a fruit salad, they ask each of the children to bring one fruit from their home. In this way the children end up sharing a delicious fruit salad to which they all have contributed and they do it with joy.

Even though they are small, they do not stay behind. They represent the city of Cusco in its fiestas. Without fear they march around the Plaza de Armas showing off their uniforms and with good order. They also parade while dancing and wearing typical dress. They move and step in front of a large group of spectators and show strength, enthusiasm, and joy—all great values of Cusco. They make the stage vibrate and steal smiles and strong applause from all present.

Childs with Typical Dress from the Jungle of Cuzco
Childs with Typical Dress from the Jungle of Cuzco

Their fathers are very proud of their children, especially on seeing the children’s development. Adults, as a result, have a lot of charisma and sympathy. The boys and girls are filled with energy and everything they do, they do with a lot of love and joy.

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