K-pop in Cusco

Fans cusco

The love of K-pop, that is the popular music of Korea, is constantly in ascent. It is a global wave that is sweeping over the world and creating passion for it in a great quantity of young men and women.

The City of Cusco is no exception.  There is a cosniderable percentage of youths, mostly young women between 12 and 19, who are fans of the different K-pop groups such as EXO, SHINEE, TEEN TOP, BTS, MBLAQ, and many more.

These fans are characterized mostly for their organization. In most cases they are part of fan clubs, large groups of up to 100 youths that get together to enjoy music and talk about their favorite artists.

On the other hand they also organize many events of K-pop throughout the year in Cusco, such as dance competitions called K-pop Cover and chorus, fanchant, contests both of which have prizes set up by their organizers. In these events you can also see Korean food and Korean beauty products.

SHINee Fans Cusco (by Brayan Coraza Morveli)
SHINee Fans Cusco (by Brayan Coraza Morveli)

In this way the dance groups and the fan clubs should put together these events and go through the demanding work of learning covers and choruses (fanchants) from their favorite groups. One of the greatest dreams of the dance groups and fan clubs is to hve their favorite group come to their city and even more their city.

They pull off a schedule after having studied, worked, helped out at home, and still find time for the organized activities of K-pop in which they get see their friends who share the same passion.

Realizando un horario después de estudiar, trabajar, ayudar en casa, un pedazo de su tiempo organizado le dan al kpop para juntarse con sus amigos y amigas con quienes comparten la misma pasión.

The Mariscal Gamarra Park in Cusco has ebcome a place where people do sports, speak about K-pop, practice dance moves, and more. These hep the youth to spend time in a dynamic fashion instead of getting involved in other activities that may lead to delinquency or drugs.


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