International Women’s Day

International Woman's Day (Walter Coraza Morveli)

Today March 8 marks International Women’s Day. This day commemorates women’s struggle for a just society where there is gender equality.

Women play a very important role throughout the world because together with others they create the wellbeing of society. Many achievements have done and there are many to achieve.

International Woman's Day (Walter Coraza Morveli)
International Woman’s Day (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)

That is why this day here in Cusco, as in many cities and countries, women are going on strike. At ten in the morning, they will hold a rally at the Judiciary where they will raise their voices for victims of violence, feminicide, sexual harassment, trafficking in persons and above all against impunity of men who attack women. They will also take to the streets at 4 pm from the San Pedro market. This is how women celebrate their day, fighting to make visible gender inequity, and intolerance as well as to achieve a more just world for humanity.

Very early today, many people have congratulated women with a hug for this day. The internet carries all the news of today beginning with Google’s main page, as well as on different social networks like Facebook, etc.

This day we will not only celebrate but we will remember all those women who have made history within our homeland and women who are currently fighting for gender equality.

We will talk about all of our women family mothers. They are crucial in all our families, even more now that they also work. They do much without expecting much in return. For example, in our public and private educational institutions, they do not expect a thankfulness from the children; They work with all the love of the world for them.

This day, let us recognize all those people who are part of our lives as mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, neighbors and more. Let us give them a strong and warm embrace for this day, and let them know that they are very important in

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