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Honey, Delicious and a Medicine

Besides it sweet flavour and its Golden, seductive color, honey nourishes the whole human body. It is a source of energy that helps with all kinds of heath conditions.

Honey comes to the city of Cusco from different places: Abancay, Curahuasi, Mollepata, and Quillabamba. But there is also honey from the area around Cusco itself. You can find it in our traditional markets, such as San Pedro, Wanchaq, Ttio, and Vinocanchón. The price varies. You can buy it by the liter or by kilos. The price goes, as a result, from 15/ S to 30/ S.

It is delicious and flavors all kinds of food, whether for breakfast in fruit salads and desserts. It also is used for medicinal purposes to help cure cough, memory problems, stains and scars on your skin. It is a remedy for seasonal allergy, kills bacteria, and helps to metabolize alcohol. It resolves problems in your scalp and dandruff. It is also a great source of energy for athletes of the whole range of sports.

Adding a Shot of Honey (Photo: Alonzo Riley)
Adding a Shot of Honey (Photo: Alonzo Riley)

This alchemical elixir made by bees has been used as medicine for generations and has been part of human life since ancient times.

To buy honey you have to know how to recognize when it is altered and when it is pure and when altered. The altered honey can be seen when you raise a spoonful. It is breaks into separate streams it is altered since pure hone falls as a single flow.


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Honey is sold in plastic bottles, whether thick and drier or runnier and more liquid. You recognize the good, pure honey by its color and softness when you raise a spoonful. The bad honey turns into sugar and takes a dark, burned color. The pure is soft and yellow in color. Honey has a chemical composition that maintains it fresh indefinitely without going bad.

You can also buy honey in Naturista centers (naturopaths). There it is bottled and packaged in colorful boxes and brands. The prices go from 25-30/ S for a liter or a kilo.

In this rainy season, the vendors of the juice section of the market recommend you consume honey in the great variety of juices they offer. If you wish to avoid the cold and sick feeling that is common when rain falls, you need orange juice, according to these vendors in the San Pedro market.

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