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Holy Week is Sweetened with Meaningful Desserts, Rice Pudding among Them

A Glass of Arroz con Leche

Rice pudding (arroz con leche) served with another pudding, called mazamorra morada, purple pudding, is one of the most served desserts in all of Peru. It is widely recognized and delicious and forms part of the twelve dishes that we eat during Holy Week.

This dessert is as easy to make, as it is to eat. The necessary ingredients are: cinnamon, cloves, rice, cow’s milk (or milk from a can), sugar, and the purple pudding. Some people add in dried fruits for the mazamorra.

With just these seven ingredients, like the seven days of the week, you can make up this dish to sweeten your palate and disposition.

Cloves and cinnamon are the absolutely necessary ingredients for almost all types of desserts. You just need a few sticks of cinnamon to make up a dessert. You can buy them in all the stores and markets of the city. With only twenty cents we can pick up some cinnamon sticks to make up any wonderful dessert.

Whole cloves are also used for desserts, as well as for medicine. People use it to soothe toothaches. For this they take a clove, place it on the aching molar, and — after a few-minutes the pain diminishes. Soon there is not even a hint of it.

Rice is found in the great majority of our dishes in the City of Cuzco. We love it. This grain helps to fill our stomach whenever you enjoy one our delicious dishes which includes it. For example, fried rice—fried rice—is absolutely one of most favorite dishes and rice is its essence. Whenever you eat this dish you can count on not feeling hunger for a few hours.

The people of the city are awaiting excitedly the arrival of Holy Week. It is an exciting time of ritual and special foods, among them this and other desserts. Though we may have them at other times, they are especially identified with this season when the Lord of Temblors (Earthquakes) comes out into our city.

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