Holiday Baskets, a Cuzco Tradition

Holiday Basket Filled with Products

Christmas, the most awaited Holiday, is behind us, though everyone awaited this divine Holiday with great excitement. Now we are on the edge of the next great holiday, New Year’s. Yet during both holidays something important happens in Cuzco.

During this period, employers give their employees what are called canastones, or big baskets. They are a small gift in honor of Christmas and the end of the year.

Besides having organized chocolatadas, chocolate parties, in all the neighborhoods of the city, their civic organization organize a raffle for a few big baskets in honor of the season.

These baskets, whether from the neighborhoods or the employers, contain a can of milk, chocolate bars, a bottle of wine, a panettone, and other necessities for the house.

You will find these canastones always present throughout the year in schools especially, and in the different feasts carried out through the year, such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. On these two important days they give canastones filled with food to the fathers or mothers for their homes.

Every year you will always find these canastones present. They will continue in Cuzco, because this gift is a kind of support that will always be welcomed by any family.

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