My Great Adventure of Building a House

Many of us dream of having our own house in which to live and form a family. In the course of time we realize how difficult it can be to make this dream a reality, whether because of economics or where we live.

Building your own house is an exciting experience and requires a lot of sacrifice, not just think about it and the house will be there wherever you want. You can’t just dream it and, boom, it is there, rather you have to prepare for all the possibilities and problems that we will have to take into account before and after construction begins, as well as well as the money this will all cost.

One of the most important aspects is the land on which the house will be built, as well as where it is located. Buying a plot of land is the costliest and most important step to build a house, especially since it is difficult nowadays to find land at affordable prices and in places close to the city of Cusco.

Another important aspect to consider is if the plot of land has basic services, water and electricity, as well as if it is located near urban transport. We also have to take into account the size of the land we are going to buy as this will influence the area we want to build, as well as the space we want to have for recreation, garage, etc.

Once we have purchased the land, taking into account all of the above, we can finally think about taking the next step, looking for and analyzing who will be in charge of making all construction budgets, as well as drawing up the plan of the home. For this we can hire an architect or a master of construction work who specialize in building houses.


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Another important factor before building, is to plan the time and the season in which the construction will be carried out, since on this will depend the time it takes to finish the work.

At this point, we have to have a lot of patience, since there will be many challenges and adversities that we will cost us as we seek to make our dream a reality. The first challenge we will have is the purchase of building materials. This is a problem because there are many informal companies that provide these and sometimes do not give the best or full measure in cubic meters of sand, concrete, etc. So, at the time we need them, we find them missing. It means we will have to increase our budget when we had not planned such. We also have to be vigilant about the quality of these the stability of our construction depends on this

There are more challenges to overcome. One is how the initial budget the architect or master builder gives us can grow. This growth happens because the costs of materials vary as does the cost of labor and the topography of the land. For this reason, many building projects are paralyzed in the middle of construction and in some cases never materialize due to lack of ability to increase the budget.

Once you have the materials needed for construction, the longest and greatest challenge of this great dream begins. You start by leveling the entire ground and digging the holes for your foundation posts, then you install the iron bases, more known as columns, inside the holes. Once they are installed, proceed to fill the holes with stone and a concrete mixture. This will require time for setting or hardening. Once hardened you start placing the connecting beams and columns and then raise your walls and pour the false floor or ceiling.

By tradition after digging the holes and finishing pouring the false floor, you make a payment (offering) to the land (the Pachamama) in order that this construction will be good and durable. At this point, you also seek out godfathers (padrinos) who can bless this new home.

From this point, the next challenge is to conclude the work. In some cases, it is paralyzed for a while, so you can obtain the budget necessary to carry out all the internal and external finishes.

Building a house is not easy. It takes a lot of dedication, sacrifice and above all patience to complete this project to have a roof of its own. My wife and I learned this because we have been building our own home and look forward to its completion.889

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