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Frying Bananas are Much Loved in Cusco

Baked Sweet Potatoes and Baked Bananas for Sale

The City of Cusco captivates all with its beautiful scenery, the joy of its people, and even more with the flavors of its different foods. Local people and visitors enjoy the best of a great variety of foods that our enchanting and beautiful city offers.

Food is first for people and that is why Cusco has many restaurants, markets, and huariques (loved neighborhood establishments) where people can find delightful foods that are typical of Cusco as well as the many foods of Peru.

One of the favorite dishes is called arroz a la cubana, or Cuban style rice. It is almost always available where food is sold, especially in our markets. There many people consume it every day and at any hour of the day. The dish is easy to make and, thanks to the combination of frying bananas and egg, the rice and salad take on a unique and very agreeable flavor.

The frying banana, also called the jungle banana, is eaten by many people and not just in Cuban rice. It enters quite a number of dishes.

This fruit grows in the magical jungles of Peru. One of the places from which they bring it to Cuzco is Puerto Maldonado in the nearby department of Madre de Dios.

Its skin is thicker and it is harder to peel it, as a result, when compared with normal banana. Not only do people fry this banana, they also bake it and boil it.

Because of its sweet and rich flavor people love it in all its different preparations. They boil it toe at it alongside a wonderful dish of noodles with tuna fish. They also prepare it fried as chips toe at as a snack. Finally, people will cook it in the oven to enjoy it with, maybe, a hot cup of coffee.

Merchants bring large quantities of this fruit to Cuzco and they ship it in a completely green phase. If they bring them when they are ripe they go bad fast. To get the bananas to ripen people will cover them with a lot of paper and leave them inside a cardboard box so that they can ripen little by little.

Frying bananas, also called plantains, can be bought individuals and they run between 0.80/S and 1/S. They are a bit expensive but well worth it.


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