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From the Field to the Pot, From the Ground to your Hands

People who live in the countryside enjoy being able to eat the best, healthiest, and freshest foods.

When families get together to have a meal on a special day, especially Sunday, in the warm environment of a home. There they make all the preparations for a good meal together.

It is really a great tradition to add your little bit of love by helping with the preparations. Everyone goes to their fields and pulls out ingredients that are the product of their own work. Some bring to the family gathering piles of their own sweet corn, others will dig fresh potatoes. Each brings wonderful, fresh ingredients to go into the family meal.

Once every one comes together the feast begins.

One of our traditional meals is the huatia. All the different ingredients are cooked in a rustic oven made from clods of earth, just for this occasion. In this way our food is cooked inside the earth.


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Making a Family Huatia (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)
Making a Family Huatia (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)

Huatia pleases all with the wonderful aroma of roasting vegetables with the touch of scorched earth. It is a food you share with your whole family, when you rake back the dirt and find perfectly cooked, roasted vegetables.

All the delicious kinds of potatoes we have with their own particular flavors awaken in us many different joys, especially when they are accompanied by a hot sauce we call uchukuta. The combinations are so good they leave us speechless.

“From the field to the pot” is a phrase you hear a lot these days. For us it is just the way of living well.

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