From China to Cuzco, the Nutritious Kiwi Fruit

Kiwi fruit come originally from the mountains of China although by now they are found throughout the world. You will find it in markets, stores and supermarkets all over the place. It look may not be attractive from the outside; its beauty and flavor lie on the inside. It is a green as chlorophyll. It is soft, fresh, and perfumed with interesting nutritious properties that make it very healthy.

This fruit possesses lots of vitamins and minerals. It has two times the amount of vitamin C than oranges. Its levels of potassium are like the bananas. In fact, it is often considered the fruit that is richest in that mineral. But this is not all. It has other interesting properties that can help prevent and heal different illnesses such as colon cancer, obesity, etc.

In Cuzco, the season for Kiwi fruit begins in October and lasts through May. As with other fruit, it is best to eat kiwi when it is ripe. It ripens slowly, however. You can speed up the process by placing the fruit in a bag with apples and pears. They let of ethylene that ripens fruit. In this way kiwi reach perfect ripeness in eight to ten days.

Kiwi is eaten as fresh fruit. You split it down the middle and eat it with a spoon or, if you wish, you can peel it. It is used as an ingredient in various dishes, although generally it is as decoration. However it also finds its way into nutritious salads and also is used for marmalades, drinks, and pastries.

It is also very useful for those who wish to do a healthy diet, whether they are young or grown up. Kiwi helps improve the health of children and fills them with energy for the whole day. Every day in Cuzco you can go to places where they make juices and ask which fruit are used. You can make up your own combinations along with kiwi or have it straight. In that way you can get the perfect juice just for you.


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