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Fresh Juice Is a Great Medicine

A Stand of Medicinal Juices, San Pedro Market (Walter Coraza Morveli)

Fruit, vegetables and cereals are a good source of energy to begin the day. They give us different beneficial properties, such as sugars, vitamins, and minerals for us to have a healthy body.

Juices are very common and they are easy to make. In the markets and juice shops (juguerías) of our city you can find a wide variety of fruit for many different tastes. Medicinal juices are the ones that stand out in these places such as those that are good to help with a hangover after a long night with your friends.

Different plants and fruits are used, such as agave, ceciliano, pollen, honey, natural sugars, and all fruit in general. All fruit have qualities that will help us. When we have internal heat, for example, we can make up a juice of cool fruit while if it is the opposite we can make up a juice of fruit that are considered to have hot qualities.

Many people have their favorite vendors, their caseros, where they go every day to drink a juice, whether in the morning or in the afternoon. If you are unfamiliar with all this you can go to any of the juice stores or stands in the markets and ask the vendors, the caseras, which kinds of juice they have and what they are good for in particular. They can explain to you all the good properties of any particular combination of fruit.

Just as with any other food we should drink our juices in moderation and make them part of a carried and balanced diet. A good supply of fruit, three portions daily, is associated with better health and lower risk of developing problems such as cancer. ‘

Eating fruit and vegetables is the best way to fill yourself with energy day by day with the result that our bodies will be healthy and well off.

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