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Fresh Honey from Cusco’s Bees Cures and Thrills the City

Fresh Honey with a Eucalyptus Flavor

Cusco’s days are sweetened with savors, colors, and traditions. Nothing, though, is sweeter than the honey. Any who try it do not leave it behind. This most agreeable, natural delicacy is made by our bees. They extract nectar from our flowers and then create honey from it.

Honey comes into the city from various places, such as Echarati and Quillabamba in our La Convención province and the tropical lowlands. Many people work at bringing it into the city as a means of obtaining money. Furthermore there are many people from the city who have gone into the lowlands to work and they bring a lot of honey back as a present for their families.

The honey is intense in color. It ha a sticky texture and a sweet and overwhelming flavor. It is enjoyed in juices, especially in the markets where our caseras (vendors) who dedicate themselves exclusively to juices rely on honey since many clients love to taste a bit of the delightful flavor of honey in their drinks.

People also consume honey at breakfast time. They tend to spread it out on their bread just like butter and love to eat it alongside a hot beverage. People also add honey to the smoothies (batidos) they make in order to lose weight or to gain a bit more muscle mass.

When we go through the season of intense cold and strong rains in our city honey is something we cannot live without. During these very chilly days and nights people get lots of colds and even the flu. In order to cure them they use bee honey in a hot drink with fresh squeezed lime juice. It is a dependable and effective means for minimizing the effects of the many viruses that hit our city in those days.

It is sold in the markets and stores of Cusco. Many people are dedicated to offering honey to the public. They walk through the different neighborhoods of the city and knock on the city’s doors to sell honey. It comes in transparent containers and in different sizes. Depending on the amount contained in the container the vendors calculate a cost. The minimum is 4/S these days.

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    1. Hola. Siento mucho responderle tan tarde. Se puede conseguir miel local, es decir de las tierras bajas del Cusco en el mercado de la Plaza Tupac Amaru en el distrito de Wanchaq, Cusco. Como se trabaja en forma artesanall es alli donde lo venden al público, si no lo ofrecen de casa en casa.

      Gracias por la pregunta y nuevamente le rogamos nos disculpe la demora en contestar.

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