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For Abundant and Tasty Food Visit a Huarique or a Picantería

Picantería's Popular Fried Trout and Salad
Huariques’s Popular Fried Trout and Salad

The people of Cusco enjoy fully the different foods found in

the city. We tend to eat a lot and our restaurants serve food mounded up like mountains. The dishes with abundant food we call extras.

These are strong and delicious foods. Where they are offered you will always find beef, chicken, and a fried preparation with rice, potatoes, or noodles on the side. The restauranteurs know their business and they know what people like the most. They serve up the food on dishes that are larger than normal and they serve them full.

One place where you find these dishes is in the picanterías, traditional restaurants recently recognized as Cultural Heritage (Patrimony) of the country. People know where to find these places even if they do not have much or any signage out front. However, there are also other places where these dishes are found and prepared with full flavor. These are very discrete and few people know there location. As a result, we call them huariques, or hidden places where the flavor of the food is what is in charge.

Many of these places have sketchy facades, but inside everything is calm. Besides serving wonderful food, they also offer drinks and all kinds of music. People have their favorite huariques where they go with their family and friends to have a good time and especially to enjoy these delicious extras.

Having a Nice Experience in a Picanteria (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Having a Nice Experience in a Picantería, (Walter Coraza Morveli)

The taxi drivers are the people who know where many of these places are located. Due to their work, they travel the streets of the city every day. They know where the best huariques are located.

These abundant and filling dishes begin at 10/S. If you are hungry and have a good appetite do not hesitate to go to a picantería for a good meal. You can always ask a taxi driver to take you to one of them where you can enjoy one of our famous extras.

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