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Flowers Heal Bodies and Please Hearts and Eyes

Healing Roses

The rainy season will soon take our city. From next month, October they rains will enter bringing those magical drops that will water Cusco’s gardens. Thanks to that our flowers and roses will be radiant and will display their intense, attractive colors.

Roses and flowers are the joy of the city’s homes. Many people have them and they are not just found in their gardens, they also place pots of them in their homes as natural decorations and pleasure. They are simple, beautiful, and well placed in the corners of Cusco’s homes.

Furthermore, many of these plants are not just placed there for their beauty, they are also used as natural medicine. Some flowers and roses have a curative power and people take advantage of it. For example, the white mallow flowers are known to be good for taking away inner heat from people. They do it by means of a bath. People harvest several flowers and boil them in water. One ready they let it cool and bathe themselves with the concentrated water to expel their inner heat.

People make baths of roses in the same way to alleviate stress. People who have to many demands and too much stress constantly rely on this bath. The white rose is known to be especially good a curing eyes. When someone’s eye is red and irritated they let the rose steep in a bit of warm water. Then they take the rose out and place it on their irritated eye, giving it just a few touches. By repeating this method for a short time people’s eyes return to normal.

These have a soft texture and wonderful scent that will captivate anyone. That is why many people grow them and even sell them with much warmth and concern for others. In Cusco we have various places where you can find these beautiful roses and other flowers, such as in our city’s markets People who dedicate themselves to this business face an especially strong demand on special days, such as on Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day and on the Day of the Dead.

We have different kinds of roses and other flowers. They illuminate and reflect in their colors great happiness on who ever looks at them; and, they are available for anyone to see whenever they wish.

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