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Fish and Sea Food Make Holy Week

Sea Food for Holy Week (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)

As we know, in the Christian world Holy week remembers the passion and death of Jesus. It also commemorates the twelve disciples through our food in Cuzco since we consume twelve dishes during this time.

Fish is the most consumed meat these days. In Holy Week eating red meat is banned. As a result, fish becomes ideal and is in high demand these days.

The fish that and other sea products that are most consumed are the jack mackerel, king fish, different algae, mussels, fish eggs, etc. Because these products are in high demand and we are not on the seacoast there is a tendency for them to run out.

It is recommended that people make their purchases early and that they follow a list. Once more, our wholesale markets are the pioneers in selling these products for Holy Week.

This Holy Week Enjoy Good Dishes Made with Fish
This Holy Week Enjoy Good Dishes Made with Fish (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)

Fish and seafood are good products to accompany our soups and main courses these days. Some times the price of fish can go up and some times drop.

It is important to be well informed on what is going on these days. Our radios and television tend to announce from moment to moment the fairs and others where these products appear in quantity and at a low cost. One needs to be ready to buy at the proper time and in the proper place.

For example, we can sat that the RPP radio announces: “Fish will be sold at a lower price in the Plaza of San Jerónimo, Cuzco.” These are the kinds of news items one cannot miss.

One needs to have everything ready and foresee all options for purchases so that you and your family can enjoy this season and the twelve dishes that are typical.



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