Fireworks, Lights, and Music Throbbed in the Plaza Last Night

Fireworks over Cusco (Wayra)

One of the most anxiously awaited events in Cuzco arrived last night, just like every year, the Night of Light and Sound (La Noche de Luz y Sonido). People were excited for it to arrive and began filling the Plaza de Armas before six pm, just as the sun’s last rays were departing.

When night fell fully there were already a lot of people there, waiting for recognized national musical groups to begin performing on the stage.

One of these was the Hermanos Yaipen, a group that got everyone dancing with cumbias. The announcer was Claudia Portocarrero; she was in charge of filing the night with entertainment and fun.

Light Show and Cusco's Night (Wayra)
Light Show and Cusco’s Night (Wayra)

Music began to sound and the Plaza was now completely full. People were dancing and singing along to the sounds of songs they knew.

Beer vendors and rum sellers made their way around, or they were standing in key spots to help give the night life.

When 8:30 or so arrived, suddenly the sky broke into fireworks. Everyone’s head turned skyward. Besides people in the Plaza a crowd gathered up on Saqsayhuaman to also watch the light show from the overlook of the White Christ. From there people could appreciate the panorama of exploding lights against he flickering stars of streetlights in the plaza.

You could also see the play of colored spotlights over the buildings of the plaza and the crowd as they also created a spectacle to make the night glow.

After living these special moments, some people decided to leave, while others continued to celebrate until late.

Star Burst in the Night (Wayra)
Star Burst in the Night (Wayra)
Beautiful Lights (Wayra)
Beautiful Lights (Wayra)








Drama over Cusco (Wayra)
Drama over Cusco (Wayra)

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