Fertility: Fascinating Experiences and Stories

Vitro Fertilization, IVF (Photo: El Comercio)

In a family gathering for my brother’s birthday where we talked a little about life and its different facets, a conversation opened about fertility. It was an interesting topic. We all began to debate, each telling their different experiences and fascinating stories .

It was the birthday number 24 of my younger brother; his name is Brayan. He is charismatic, cheerful, and above all very enterprising. 6 months ago he had his first child. In my family we are 4, 3 brothers and a sister. All have children except me and for that reason almost they always joke with me. They always say “when you are going to have your baby”.

The truth is I do not know what to think. Maybe I have fertility problems or something. But the truth is that I and my partner still do not want to have a child for many reasons, either work or studies. We have different plans. We want to have a child but we it to bevplanned for him or her to be born and when he comes to the world we are prepared to assume that responsibility, to give him a quality of life in every way.

In that sense, that afternoon everyone began to tell different experiences of friends and fertility. One of them was about the grandmother of the sister-in-law of my younger brother. She could not get pregnant. She tried fertility treatments but back then were very expensive and she did not have the money. She and her husband suffered greatly but their desire to have a family pushed them to keep fighting.

After a long time of struggle and constant search, the now older couple, in the age of about 35 to 40 years, were advised by friends to use natural treatments, plants and flowers. They were told to take infusions of rose water for a few weeks. Said and done. Roses were the infallible remedy to his problem.

The month passed and the grandmother of my sister-in-law became pregnant and nine months later had her daughter who was a miracle for the family.

For the Andeans, out of all treatments, one that is particularly super good for fertility is the maca. A close friend of the family takes it every day in his breakfast. He has two twins. In my family, my father has the twin genes and one of my aunts had twins twice. The first twins are over the age of 30 and the others are around 16 to 17 years old.

My grandfather has his twin brother. Sometimes I think and I would like to have twins. If given the opportunity, it would be fantastic. Although at present I now see that there are fertility treatments so that you can have twin children or we can plan if you want to have a male or female child. Medicine is advancing at great strides today, but it has a price that not everyone has the resources to be able to do it.

In Peru the most used treatment in recent years is in vitro fertilization and costs around 4,000 and 10,000 dollars.

Vitro Fertilization, IVF (Photo: El Comercio)
Vitro Fertilization, IVF (Photo: El Comercio)

“This situation, coupled with increased purchasing power, has led to high complexity fertility treatments (in vitro fertilization, IVF) increasing by 30% between 2010 and 2015 in the country, as the older the woman the chances of pregnancy go down, according to Fabrizio Vizcarra, president of the Peruvian Fertility Society.

“Although growth has been important, this market is still incipient with respect to the universe of couples with low and high complexity infertility (1.5 million). Today only 5,000 fertility treatments are done for half a million couples who require in vitro fertilization, says Luis Noriega Hoces, executive director of the assisted reproduction group Pranor (owner of Concebir).” Reference: El Comercio

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