Feel The Pleasure of Cold Raindrops for Almost Four Months

This is the time when the rains begin to make their presence known constantly. It rains at any time of day. The showers that fall from one moment to the next are unexpected. It is nice to see and feel the whole city cloud up.

The cold runs through even the smallest corner of Cusco. It is pleasant, but at the same time risky to walk and feel the pleasure of that pure and natural energy because when it starts to rain hard, the thunder and lightning illuminate and scare Cusco.

Cusco Rain Season (Photo: Walter Coraza M)
The Beauty of Cusco’s Rain Season (Photo: Walter Coraza M)

Much has been said about lightning rays. Many speculate that the person on whom falls a lightning bolt is either killed or given wisdom and they become Altomisayoc (an indigenous high shaman or priest). That is what is normally commented. But a couple of years ago lightning struck a soccer field; it hit a player and he died.

On the other hand, the gardens are painted in beautiful colors. The flowers and plants absorb the rains constantly and delight us with their beauty. The fields begin to bloom. Potatoes to corn, beans, and ocas are planted every year; these are the foods that have the highest demand in Cusco.

There are two types of rain: male and female. The male rain falls heavily but for just a moment. In contrast, the female rain is the opposite. It rains slowly but for quite some time. It may rain down for a whole day in a single rhythm.


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The end of March brings the rainy season to its culmination. For only four months do we have the pleasure of the rains.

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