After a whole week of feasts Cuzco celebrates today, the 15th of June, Father’s Day.  We end the week with a marvelous day in which the show becomes that of fathers in their homes.

From the beginning of Sunday, the children and mother begin to do things to honor the family’s father.  They might prepare him a delicious breakfast, for example.  Then they might go for a Sunday drive around Cuzco, such as to Saylla which is a pleasant place.  Many people love it as a place where you can enjoy a delicious chicharrón.

The father’s feast begins specifically after finishing lunch.  The family gathers in a specific place with everyone together to spend Father’s Day with their father.  They first toast with beer and then converse among laughter and much joy. When those few bottles of beer are emptied, they put on music that they most enjoy to spend time dancing, drinking, and living their best moments together.

A Father and Sun Together (Gaby Filgueiro
A Father and Sun Together (Gabriela Filgueiro)

Today the city will be full.  Many people will be looking for gifts for their fathers.  Every year the merchants try to bring new and attractive things for fathers who give their lives, day in and day out for their children.

At night there will be a concert presented to honor fathers with various types of musical groups. It will be carried out in the Beer Garden, a very recognized place which brings to its stage the best groups of the day in Peru.

This is how this Sunday will be spent. It will be a celebration of Fathers.  Today fathers set aside their problems to enjoy the celebration to its fullest.  Happy Father’s Day to all.




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