Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day

In this month of celebrations, Cuzco’s attention turns today to its fathers and international Father’s Day. Considered heads of families, and an example for society, nevertheless the celebrations for father’s day pale in comparison with those for Mother’s Day or the other feasts of Cuzco despite the ideal importance of fathers as indefatigable fighters for their families.

Peru joins other countries in celebrating Father’s day on the third Sunday in June, a day which falls very close to the anniversary of Cuzco, the day of the Indian, and the “coldest day of the year”, the 24th of June. Though it has deep associations with these days, Father’s day also locates Peru in a global movement for recognizing and supporting fathers and the role in society and in their families they are supposed to have.

Together Father and Daughter Having a Good Time
Together Father and Daughter Having a Good Time

Just as on Mother’s Day, schools have organized special performances this week, especially Friday, of dances, poetry, and song. The students performed these numbers to recognize fathers, with each year having its own responsibility. The difference with Mother’s Day is that few fathers actually attend.

Father’s Day, though, is most important in families. For this day the celebration is to prepare a special meal or go on an outing to celebrate their fathers, uncles, and grandfathers. The women tend to take charge in the preparations, surprising them with presents, as well as preparing special meals with dishes typical of the region. One key element is the foamy and celebrated Cusqueña beer. People will raise glass after glass to celebrate the fathers in their lives.

A Gift for Dad
A Gift for Dad

This day is to celebrate the role of father, carried out by the man of the household who is supposed to be the pride of the children and an example to his family. His wife and children make this day very special so that the fathers will feel honored and enjoy their day.

Expectations are good for the day. There will be a festival and concert at the Beer Gardens of the Cusqueña Brewery organized by Viva Perú. Important artists such as Gian Marco, Eva Ayllón, the Grupo 5 (the popular band of the moment), and the rock band Sarita will take charge to make the day special through their performances in honor of fathers.

Tonight the celebration will take over discotheques who are prepared with live music to celebrate to the maximum this day which only comes once a year.

Enjoy this special day in family and in all the activities offered. From all the team at Cuzco Eats we wish all fathers a happy day. Enjoy it to the fullest because this is a month of celebrations.

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